Sliding Door Repair, Las Vegas

We Are The Most Reliable Sliding Patio Door Repair for Residential Properties in Las Vegas

“There’s no sliding door in Las Vegas I cannot fix, Guaranteed!”

 We Do Not Replace Broken Glass – 

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Our standard Sliding Glass Door repair service in Las Vegas includes:

  • Wheel Replacement
  • Sill and Track Cleaning
  • Dry Lubricant 
  • Remount and Balance Door
  • 2 Year  Service Warranty on door operation
Standard Service price: $175 to $275 (includes Labor, Materials and Warranty) Typical service price usually does not exceed $225, but items such as a track cover, new door handle or new lock will increase the price and are provided ‘at cost’ (meaning no contractor’s mark-up) as part of service. Doors made of Vinyl or Wood typically cost more than $200, but not more than $235. For services that will cost more than $250 per door, I will provide you with a written estimate before starting work.

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Other common conditions factored into pricing: Doors size, (Vegas standard size is 6’0x6’8), type of wheel casing needed, new door handle, new lock, circumstances that block us from removing active panel (ie: wether or no the passive panel needs to be removed and reinstalled).

Vinyl doors have expansion and contraction issues due to the nature of that material. Wheel repair or replacement my not solve the expansion and contraction problems with the frame, which could be the underlying reason for the door being hard to open and close. Also, some Eagle brand wood doors (such as those in Spanish Trails, Spanish Oaks, or other smaller communities in Henderson) or Vinyl doors may have to wait up to four days because wheels will have to be special ordered. If there are larger problems that need to be attended to, don’t hesitate to have us come take a look.

Call John: 702-635-2454 (cell)